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I lost 62 pounds in four months and have been successfully maintaining it!

THANK YOU for giving me my life back!

I am so grateful for this amazing program! It’s allowed me to focus on WHY I eat instead of WHAT I eat by taking the guesswork out of meal preparation.

I have been heavy most of my life…yo-yoing back and forth so many times I’ve lost count. Like many, I had tried so many diet plans, pills, etc. but still never lost any significant amount of weight or kept it off…actually I could lose some weight but then I’d gain it back with extra to boot. I ate because I was bored, hurt, scared and afraid of missing out on my life. I was so tired of watching people do all the things I wanted to do…walk my dog, play tennis, swim, hike, etc. I was bored because I didn’t feel well. Although I didn’t realize just how badly I felt until I had lost the weight and rediscovered my health and my body!

I had been on anti depressants and anxiety medication for 10 years. I was really covering up my feelings with food and medication. The doses got heavier the heavier I got. I didn’t feel like doing anything so I just kept hanging out with my friend food, kept on gaining weight and going more inward with each passing day.

I had no energy and my health was declining. My blood pressure was rising, my pulse was 112 and I was fading fast. Then I hit the wall (that’s what I call the announcement from my doctor that something had to be done about my weight…that if I kept it up…my life would be cut short). So…it was decision time…keep doing what I was doing or change it.

I hit the internet and discovered this program and TOOK MY LIFE BACK! On the program there is no guesswork. You eat when you’re told to, eat what you’re told to; drink lots of water and start to move your body. Then your body starts to change. Because the weight comes off so fast…you stay encouraged and anxious to accomplish more.

When you lose the weight, you gain back your self-confidence, you gain another block you can walk, another lap you can swim, another 10 years (or more) with your family or the person you love…wow, that’s powerful!

I am so enjoying being able to move again. I’m swimming, walking 2 miles a day, lifting weights, hiking, going to the park with my dog…doing almost anything I can get my hands on – I LOVE being in my body again.

I started the program on August 8th of 2005 and by November 25th or so I had lost 62 pounds. I used to wear a size 22 and weighed 212 pounds. Now I wear a size 10 and I weigh 150 pounds.

People ask me what’s different THIS TIME…I say it’s me. I’m back! This program was my vehicle toward change. Remember that medication I mentioned before…well, I’m off all of it.I look back now and can’t believe how long I lived in that self imposed prison!!!


Choose to step into your life, take another chance and change your life! “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels” is my new mantra. Your issues with weight will be a thing of the past…a stepping stone into your amazing future!

Take control & shape your life! It’s quite fun on the other side!

~ Shannon Wollam............